Yatağa Sıkışan Kızını Sikiyor | Alissa Avni Baba Kız Ensest Porno

Çok azan genç liseli kız Alissa Avni, üvey babası tarafından sikilebilmek için kolunu yatağa sıkıştırmış taklidi yapar! Babası ise onun daracık göt deliğini sikerek içine boşalır! HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı yatağa sıkışan kızını sikiyor pornosunu izle.

Stuck Step-Daughter

My step-dad has been refusing to have sex with me lately and I am not happy about it! Due to this quarantine, my step-mom has been home every day and I haven’t had a chance to be alone with my step-dad! I have an idea though… I am going to pretend that my hand is stuck in my bed, and see if I can convince him to help me… and I’ll just seduce him along the way! I yell for him to come in to my bedroom and he asks me what’s wrong. I tell him to grab me by the hips and try to pull me out. When he pulls on my hips, my skirt comes up and he can clearly see that I don’t have any underwear on! “Step-Mom made me do my laundry today so I don’t have any underwear left!” I tell him. His cock starts to get hard once he sees my pussy and ass, so he brings his cock over to my mouth. I ask him where my step-mom is right now and he tells me that she’s taking a nap so we should be safe for a few minutes! Watch HD Turkish subtitled yatağa sıkışan kızını sikiyor porn. I start to suck his cock, while pretending that one of my hands is still stuck. He then gets behind me and he starts to fuck my pussy from behind. I eventually pull my hands out and I admit to him that I set him up to try and seduce him! I take both of my hands and I spread my ass cheeks open for him. I flip over in to the missionary position so he can fuck my pussy some more. Then he decides he wants to fuck my ass next. I flip over on to my stomach so he can fuck my ass from behind. He keeps fucking my ass harder and harder and I tell him that he should cum in my ass. “It’s better than cumming in my pussy, because step-mom will freak out if you got me pregnant!” I tell him. He fucks my ass hard until he finally cums in my ass. I spread my ass cheeks open so we can watch the cum drip out of my ass!

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