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Odamdan kalkıp mutfağa geldiğinde yeni üvey annemi görmüştüm. Kendisi o an fırınla ilgilendiği için beni görmemişti. Bende haliyle onun göte bakarak biraz zevke geldikten sonra ses çıkararak orada olduğumu belli ettim. Kendisi beni görünce yeni yapmış olduğu kurabiyelerin tadına bakmamı istedi. Kurabiyelerden bir ısırık aldım ve ona çok lezzetli olduğunu söyledim. Ertesi gün anneler günüydü ve bu yüzden anneme hediye almam gerekiyordu. Bende hazır paket halinde satılan hediyelerden alıp annemin yanına gittim. İçinde çok özel şeyler olsa da beni yanlış anlamayacağını biliyordum. Neyse hediyesini ona verdikten sonra giymesini istedim. O geceliğin içinde o kadar seksi duruyordu ki anlatamam. Daha sonra anneme ayak masajı yapmayı teklif ettim ve onu masajla azdırıp becerdim. HD 1080p Türkçe altyazılı anne ayak masajı porno seyret ve indir.

Stepmoms First Mothers Day

Juan Loco can’t believe how hot his new stepmom, Natasha Nice, is. He walks in on Natasha baking cookies in the kitchen and can’t stop checking her out. When Natasha turns around and notices Juan, she offers him a cookie and tells him she’s so glad that they’ve bonded really well. She seems oblivious to Juan checking her out. After their exchange, Juan leaves and goes to get Natasha a gift basket for Mother’s Day. The basket is filled with lotions and even some new lingerie. Natasha agrees to try the lingerie on, but only if Juan leaves the room. Natasha tries the sheer teddy on and is just admiring how it looks when Juan knocks and asks if he can see. That’s not really appropriate, but Natasha does agree to try out the lotion. As she’s hunting in the basket, Juan walks in on her and asks if she’s seen the voucher yet. He has made up a coupon for a full body massage, and he offers it right now if Natasha will lay down. He begins with a foot massage, complete with the lotion. Juan turns out to be very good with his hands, so when he tells Natasha to turn over so he can rub the backs of her legs, she does. He cops a feel, going for the ass. Although Natasha instructs Juan to stick to the legs, she doesn’t stop him when he tugs her thong aside to rub her clit. Once she has climaxed, Natasha apologizes and admits that Juan’s fingers feel really good. He offers her something better than his fingers, and she agrees that he can do whatever he’d like to her at this point. Whipping it out, Juan sinks balls deep into his stepmommy’s twat in doggy. Then he rolls her over so he can watch her huge tits jiggle as he fucks her. Rolling onto his back, Juan watches as Natasha shows him how a real woman rides the D in cowgirl. He’s just about ready to explode when Natasha gets on her knees in front of him and hefts her massive breasts up to let him titty fuck her. The best Mother’s Day present ever is Juan’s jizz all over those boobies, and Juan is happy to deliver. Cum covered, Natasha rubs it all in and offers to let Juan massage her more often. Watch free HD Turkish subtitled anne ayak masajı porno.

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