Yaşlı Kadın Porno Altyazılı | Andi James – Babaanne Pornosu 5

Birkaç gün önce kızıl saçlı olgun büyükannesinin ona planını açıklamasından sonra genç Nicky, babasını sandalyaye bağlayıp pompalı tüfekle beklemektedir. Babaannesi içeriye gelir ve pompalı tüfeği torununun elinden alıp oğluna ateş etmeye kalkar. Fakat tüfeğin boş olduğunu fark eder. Oğlu ve torunu bir olup onu kandırmıştır. Ve şimdi de birlikte yaşlı anne/ninesini sikeceklerdir… HD 720p Türkçe altyazılı yaşlı kadın porno seyret ve indir.

Scene Five: Double crossed

A few days later and Nicky has his step-dad tied up in the living room. He calls his grandmother in so she can finish the job. Just in case he gets cold feet Andi has dressed in her favorite lingerie. She hopes that the thought of fucking her will strengthen her grandson’s resolve. Andi take the in her hands and pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. Luke’s hands come out from behind his back and he takes the away from her. She’s been double crossed!

Now at the mercy of her cruel step-son and her devious grandson she’s groped and thrown to the ground. “I trusted you” She yells at her grandson as he takes out his dick and thrusts it into her mouth. They double team her, fucking her mouth and pussy until she’s a quivering mess of humiliation and shame. Will this nightmare of control and use ever end for her? Thoroughly fucked and they cum on her face and make her ashamed. “How could you do this to me?” She asks as cum drips down her chin.

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